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7. Problems verifying/restoring info files

7.1 Why is taper sluggish when selecting files to restore?

When doing a restore, taper automatically tries to find the most recent file in the archive - ie. you may have several copies of /home/misc/test in different volumes. Taper will find the most recent and select that one for restore. This does take time.

If you do not want this feature, disable it from the preferences menu and taper won't be so sluggish.

7.2 Why does taper try to advance to a non-existent volume and then print an error message?

When doing a verify or restore info files, taper doesn't know how many volumes are on the archive (since that information is in the info files). Thus, the only way taper knows that the end of the archive has been reached is when error messages are returned. Some tape drives return error messages gracefully, and hence taper exits gracefully. Others do not, and thus taper prints error messages.

Do not worry about the error messages - you verify/restore etc.. will have worked correctly.

7.3 If I'm verifying and I run out of temporary disk space, then taper says some of my files aren't the same as on the disk when I know they are

If taper runs out of disk space while verifying (or restoring), it may not be able to read in the whole file from the tape and thus thinks that the file on the disk and tape are different.

If you run out of temporary disk space, ignore all errors and redo the verify.

7.4 I made a backup under ftape version 3 and am trying to restore under zftape and it won't restore my files.

You cannot restore backups made with ftape version 3 with the older zftape. zftape backups must be restored with zftape and ftape 3 must be restored with ftape 3.

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