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16. File Sets

You may have a particular set of files or directories that you always wish to backup - eg. /etc/passwd, /usr/local/bin, and /usr/local/etc. Rather than selecting these files & directories every time you want to make a backup, you can select them once and then save the particular selection to a file set. Next time you wish to backup this particular set of files, you need only load in the file set and taper will automatically select the files for you.

To save a file set, press S in either backup or restore. You will then be prompted for a name to give to your file set.

To restore a file set, press L in either backup or restore. You will be presented with a list of known file sets. Select which one you want using the arrow keys and ENTER and taper will load in the file set.

16.1 File Set format

A file set file simply is an ASCII file that contains three lines for each entry selected.

The first line is a capital I or E. I indicates the entry is to be selected. E indicates the entry is to be excluded. the selected.

The next line is the selection.

The third line is null (this contains a blank for future support of regexp).

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