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Taper is an easy to use backup solution for Linux.

It allows backups to tape drives, filesystems, floppy drives, removable devices... In fact, any device that Linux supports.

Incremental backup & selective restores are available, as well as backup verifies.

Archive catalogues are kept on the hard-drive to enable speedy selective restores and incremental backups. In the event of total hard disk failures, these catalogues can be reconstructed from the archive. Catalogues are not required for a full restore.

Taper is ncurses based which means that it can be used in a console window or in an X-Term (or equivalent) under X.

The current stable version does not support archives greater than 4gb (ie. it is 32 bit). Although the backups may appear to work, it will not restore because of overflow errors.

The Alpha version can be used, however, this is still under development and archive formats are likely to change between versions.

Email     Taper is written & maintained by Yusuf Nagree (yusuf@nagree.net)

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